Faculty Training: Lectern to Laptop Series of Courses

Achieve excellence in online education by learning from the seasoned experts themselves

Distance education presents unique challenges, even for the most talented of professors. Many traditional classroom professors who have worked behind the lectern are now being asked to move to the laptop. Some are unprepared, overwhelmed or resistant. Perhaps your faculty are experienced but tend to struggle with specific areas, or you just need yearly professional development training that is interesting and useful - the opposite of what most faculty tell us their college’s training is like!

We can help with:

  • Training your professors in best practices for distance learning
  • Addressing challenges unique to online learning
  • Providing topic-specific training and guidance
  • Offering applicable and valuable professional development learning opportunities

In addition to creating custom training as needed specifically for your team, we’ve developed the Lectern to Laptop series of courses to assist professors in developing their proficiency in the distance education model. Subject matter experts, university administrators and seasoned professors have collaborated to bring their expertise as traditional, online, and hybrid instructors to your own team of professors.

Topics include:

Introducing Online Education

We investigate the key similarities and differences between the online and traditional "brick-and-mortar" teaching modalities. Your faculty may be surprised — and pleased! — to learn that there are many similarities between teaching within the two modalities. A key theme of this unit is that a passionate commitment to academic quality and integrity is the key to teaching excellence regardless of modality.

Engagement and Assessment Strategies for Online Courses

We explore how to optimize content delivery and achievement of learning outcomes through the use of intentional engagement and assessment strategies. Integration of appropriate levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, varied assessments, and meaningful engagement into online delivery will be examined. Your faculty will learn how to effectively deliver content online through numerous assessment strategies and create and facilitate Socratic discussions.

Tools You Can Use in the Online Environment

A variety of tools available to online instructors for effective teaching and student learning are explored and used.

The prospect of teaching online can seem unnecessarily daunting. Online instructors have the ability to guide students and help them acquire knowledge just as they would in a traditional classroom. In the online classroom, this can be as basic as having a dialogue or as complex as working with simulations.

In most cases, the tools that instructors use in the on-ground classroom have a matching tool in the online classroom environment. These tools to maximize online classroom learning can be found both inside and outside the learning management system (LMS).

Time Management – How to Get It All Done

This segment offers guidance on assisting your faculty in adapting to the daily requirements of online learning. Time management for an instructor is a critical element to student success in the online classroom. Students need timely feedback and regular interaction with their online educator and faculty need to do this in a way that is not overwhelming.

In an on-ground class, instructors are likely active 1-2 times a week in a classroom, while spending office hours writing and preparing lectures, grading assignments and meeting with students. This dynamic changes in the online classroom. Not only is there a shift to daily interaction with students, the online approach means course materials are typically created well in advance of the term beginning. This module will focus on the value of a having a proactive approach in the classroom to quality, effective courseroom management, and student engagement.

This valuable series will help your educators achieve excellence in online teaching as they master the move from lectern to laptop.


  • provide instruction in our learning management system, or in yours, custom built for you, including one or more modules on how to use your LMS
  • license our course to you and create a self-paced version of the course that you can modify and adapt to your needs
  • provide an instructor-led option including assessment of faculty
  • develop courses on any topic for any length of time, from one week refreshers, self-paced professional development courses or full instructor-led courses

Contact our team with your specific needs for more information and a custom quote. All shared information is held in the strictest of confidence.

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