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In today’s rapidly changing employment market, it’s impossible to stay on top of the latest changes and requirements in every field. Rather than taking the jack-of-all-trades approach to career services, we offer career services mentors for students in specific fields of study - as opposed to a generalist who attempt to cover all majors.

We provide the best subject matter experts (SMEs) with real-life experience in their field to provide career advice and guidance to your students.

Do your learners struggle with:

  • What to do with their degree after they finish
  • What potential salary they can earn
  • How to successfully navigate the career waters
  • How to write an effective CV or resume
  • How to network online
  • Identifying the relevance between their courses and the practical experience they need to succeed

...Then your career services solutions may not be tailored to each learner and their unique requirements. We design our program to address these needs, and we can augment your existing team!

With our solution, each learner has a career services mentor in their field of study who has at least two years professional experience (but on average more than 10), a masters degree in the field (although often a doctorate) and has been an educator that has helped to draw the missing link between curriculum and career advancement.

Your institution can outsource your entire career services center or add to your existing services.

Our offerings range from basic solutions (advice and communication via email), up to and including on-demand services and access to specially designed curriculum through Babb Academy; videos from SMEs in each field, and access to our professional CV and resume writers.

As with all of our services, we will work with you to create a custom solution just for your college or school. We provide high quality educational services to students to help retain the learner with the goal of improving gainful employment opportunities for students post-graduation.

Contact our team with your specific needs for more information and a custom quote. All shared information is held in the strictest of confidence.

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The entire staff has been nothing but incredible ... celebrated each of my hires as if it were their own job.

- Ed Torres

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