Cold Call Email Package

An aggressive method of finding jobs that are ideal for you

The cold call email package is an aggressive method of finding jobs that is ideal for candidates that are looking to work at specific schools, have a unique area of expertise, or are in an area of study that is saturated with job applicants.

The package includes:

  • Custom contact search
  • Unlimited cold call emails and email applications sent on your behalf using a shared email address
  • Our monthly job lead service
  • When opportunities arise to submit your curriculum vita for positions we are asked to recruit for, we do this on your behalf!

For $148 billed monthly. Cancel anytime or pair it with our job application services so your online and email apps are all handled for you!

Choose a yearly package and save 10%

Subscription Options

Billed Monthly
Save 10% when billed annually

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If you’re on the fence of deciding, ... the smartest companies globally outsource to other operations better then what the company itself can do. Practice what you preach. What are you waiting for?

- Dr. Brandon F

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