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Leah Harper

Leah Harper

Account Services

Hello, my name is Leah Harper. I am originally from Iowa however over the past 30 plus years with my family and being in the Air Force I have lived in Maine, Wyoming, Missouri, Oklahoma and now our final home in Texas!! We are very busy for our family of three as our 7 year old son Shawn is now keeping us on the go with Boy Scouts, karate and school activities.

I have several degrees from my time in college to include an associates degree in accounting, bachelor's in business management and an associate's in science in Therapeutic Massage. I am a licensed massage therapist in Texas and work at a local spa here in Waco as well as slowly getting my own massage business up and running currently out of my house. I love to help others in bettering their lives not only through massage therapy but I also do essential oils and my business partner has me trying healthy foods which will be sold in our business once we have a place to call ours for "Heart and Soul Massage and Health Café." We have a two year plan to have our business in a rented space or building and possibly able to expand to have a small staff to help us run the business within five years.

In the meantime, my spare time in the evenings I look forward to helping The Babb Group and their clients achieve their dreams and aspirations. Looking forward to the work ahead of me with the Babb Group team.