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Janet Grier

Janet Grier

Instructional Designer


I am Janet Grier, an instructional designer and content developer with over ten years’ experience. My journey to instructional design began with my passion for writing and helping people. My career started in sales and marketing, where my analytical and creative sides interacted to sell and promote products, help customers find solutions, and write marketing copy. I soon came to realize that I enjoyed writing the marketing copy more than selling products, so I became further involved by writing scripts for commercials and video presentations, and even participating in them by doing voice overs.

To refine my writing, I completed the University of Chicago’s rigorous editing program, which stems from their prestigious University of Chicago Press, and learned the Chicago style of editing to add to my arsenal of writing style formatting. I worked with a faith-based organization, creating educational content for audiences as young as age two through adult. Though my work was customer-facing, I also created training content for employees and corporate stakeholders. My master’s degree in Human Performance and Training has expanded my skills and opened a path for me into eLearning.

I have had the pleasure of working in both the higher education and corporate sectors, creating learning solutions that work in real-time situations. I believe it is important to provide content that causes a learner to act and apply what they’ve learned. Using storytelling and other eLearning practices, I enjoy creating content that learners experience in an interesting and memorable way.

When I’m not writing or thinking about clever ways to solve learning challenges (not problems), I enjoy spending time with my family, working out, comedy, music and exploring. I look forward to working with you!