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Dawn Boyer, PHD

Dawn Boyer, PHD

Academic Publication Specialist

I am Dawn D. Boyer, B.F.A., M.Ad.Ed., Ph.D., an award-winning (2013, Business Women of the Year) entrepreneur, Social Media SME on planning and management (‘LinkedIn Queen,’ ~10,000+ connections), as well as a published author, co-author, and editor (80+ books: 60+ on Amazon in softcover and Kindle). I completed my post-grad Ph.D. in Education (STEMPS: Occupational & Technical Studies, with a concentration in Training & Development in Human Resources) at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. I am editor and co-authoring a workforce development textbook for government contracting industry HR professionals based on my dissertation findings.

My personality compels me to help entrepreneurs develop and manage their brand and marketing plans within social media. In fact, my nature is to give away too much ‘free’ advice, before I realize I should be charging for it! I am a member of a SBA non-profit, SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) for two years now, to satisfy that urge.

My writing skills, research, and marketing capability enabled me to write books on topics of family history and lineage, women/gender studies, social media branding, career search, self-improvement and motivation quotes (2,000+ /3,000+ series), ‘Interview with an Artist’ series, and 14 coloring books for adult ‘kids.’ I have assisted 7 authors (in last 6 months) to reach publication with editing, formatting, indexing, cover design and e-book formulation of dissertations, non-fiction, and business, as well as branding and marketing element coaching for online publication print-on-demand (PoD) platforms.

Compile your academic writings (white papers, class-based research, thesis, or journal articles) and/or to commercialize your dissertation. My experience and skills will get YOUR manuscript online relatively quickly (in as little as ~2-3 months). I provide powerful insight and guidance for YOUR branding and marketing inclusion for a pro-active “Call to Action” to readers. This enhances YOUR recognition and presence in your field and industry (academia or commercial) for potential career advancements, increased speaking engagements, or conference presentations – and opportunities to sell YOUR book to the public.

Conversion of written work to published book to international, multiple sales channels, including: Create Space, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Europe, mass retailers catalog (Ingram, Barnes & Noble), and educational institutions.

  • Dissertation / Thesis Conversion
  • Collection of Journal Articles / Website Blogs
  • Philosophy, Essays, Other Subjects
  • Academic School Papers
  • Digital Reader Formatting Available