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Dr. Dani Babb

Dr. Dani Babb

Founder and CEO

I'm Dani, The CEO and Founder of The Babb Group. I make it my goal to help professors get teaching jobs, and guide and provide resources to colleges and universities looking for help with new programs, student retention and expertly designed curriculum. I have been in online education as an educator and administrator since its inception, and have used this knowledge since 2005 to help professors find and keep jobs in the constantly changing online market. In 2011, we began offering curriculum design services with a team of expert instructional designers, and expanded this service in 2015. As a result of our work helping place professors at schools, we have created a strong network that allows us to blend our expertise and make recommendations to all three groups: students, faculty and administrators - based on what we see happening in the world of online education.

As a lifelong learner and educator, I am committed to the success of our partners in education. I am honored to still have the opportunity to be in the classroom, getting a consistent, fresh look at technologies, trends, learning methodologies and best practices while being able to enrich the learning experience for my own students. In fact, I find that keeping in touch with what is happening in the real world is so important that I encourage our team to continue to teach as they take on more responsibilities within the company. I personally teach the fun stuff - economics, technology, statistics, business and management to undergraduates through to doctoral students and mentor doctoral students through their dissertation process. It's rewarding and a vital component of my daily work.

In my prior life, I was a market commentator for many news networks, including Fox News, CNBC, NBC, MSNBC and CNN. Prior to that, I ran IT shops. A geek at heart, I moved through the ranks from a computer repair technician through to a VP of IT in Fortune 500 companies. I absolutely love technology and how it can change lives! My academic background is in quantitative methods and information technology, earning a Doctorate in 2004 and an MBA in 1999. I started The Babb Group, Inc. before co-authoring Make Money Teaching Online, to help online professors become savvy about the market and changes that impact them and survive constant change by keeping their workload consistent.

Above all else, I am passionate about being a teacher and a mentor. I am rewarded from helping people achieve their goals, whether it is in the classroom, starting a business, expanding their online offerings or becoming an online educator.

On a more personal note, I am a self-professed workaholic and love analyzing markets and data, studying biology and medicine for fun, flight, memorizing statistics and playing with new gadgets. I enjoy political strategy, travel, working out, healthy banter, fashion, a great belly laugh, and providing for my daughter - oh, and racing cars and carbon fiber. :)

I live in California and New York City; a nice blend of fast-paced and (uber) boring. I stay on the road as often as my daughter will allow!