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It’s impossible to stay abreast of all the changes in higher education while providing engaging curriculum and keeping faculty trained.. And happy!

Partner with us to offer your learners and professors industry-leading solutions while saving money, deploying rapidly, and maximizing efficiency.

Tap into our large group of highly qualified subject matter experts to deliver high-quality services that save you money and allow you to deliver educational services faster From career services for institutions to professor recruitment and curriculum and instructional design, we can help you better serve your students, retain them through graduation, and provide the best possible curriculum. With a catalog of happy clients, we’re ready to serve you!

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Available Educational Services:

Curriculum and Instructional Design:

Increase student engagement, retention, and mastery with our 180+ combined years of curriculum and instructional design experience. Our team comprises the best subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructional designers (IDs) we could find from every institution and organization in the country. As an extension of your capability or a fully outsourced solution, we use only US-based, degreed instructional designers with amazing experience and fantastic accolades from our university and college clients!

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Career Services Solutions:

Rather than taking the jack-of-all-trades approach to career services, we offer career services mentors for students in specific fields of study - as opposed to a generalist who attempts to cover all majors. We provide the best subject matter experts (SMEs) with real-life experience in their field to provide career advice and guidance to your students. We have options for advanced training, CV and resume writing as well!

Faculty Training: Lectern to Laptop Series of Courses

We’ve developed the Lectern to Laptop series of courses to assist professors in developing their proficiency in the distance education model. Subject matter experts, prior administrators and seasoned professors have collaborated to bring their expertise as traditional, online, and hybrid instruction to your professors and instructors.

Professor Recruitment

The best professors may not be looking for you.

That’s why we offer a cost-effective solution to recruit professors, both online and onground. We have professors in every discipline with every conceivable combination of degrees and experience eager to work for you, most of whom we are familiar with and receive feedback on their work from other hiring administrators

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Professor Outplacement Services:

Whether you call it downsizing, rightsizing, or layoffs, the pain for all parties involved is the same. One way to ease the transition is by offering high-quality, effective outplacement services to help your faculty find other opportunities.

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Search Engine Optimization Solutions

Our cost-effective solution to helping you get the organic search visibility you want: We use a specific methodology to modify the content of your program website pages (and even your curriculum) to help you rank higher for your targeted keywords (and those you hadn’t even considered, but data supports will pay off!!).

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For more information on any of our services, or to request a custom solution, please contact our team . All shared information is held in the strictest of confidence.

The Babb Group is a flexible, responsive and creative partner who shares their deep expertise in student success,

- Kelly A. Flores
Dean, School of Applied Leadership City University of Seattle

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